Senogles & Co has extensive international experience acting as expert witnesses and advisory consultants on quantum.  Our experience is now made available to clients and Counsel within the context of our specialist and approachable boutique practice.  Our experience of business sectors is extremely broad.

We are ideally located for sports disputes; our office is in Nyon, Switzerland (near the homes of UEFA, ECA, EPFL, FIBA and close to the TAS/CAS in Lausanne). 

International arbitration - expert witness

This is the main context in which our expert witness services are engaged.  By choice, our firm's small size allows us the relative freedom to act for clients in the absence of conflicts of interest. 

We regularly act in legal proceedings as either:

  1. Party-appointed expert
  2. Tribunal-appointed expert

Our experience includes extensive testimony (on around 40 occasions) covering the following well-known arbitration rules: ICSID, ICC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, Stockholm Chamber, Cairo Regional Centre.  We also have experience giving testimony and valuation oral opinion in front of tribunals at: TAS/CAS Tribunal d'Arbitrage du Sport [Lausanne], Iran-US Claims Tribunal [Den Haag] and the United Nations Compensation Commission [Geneva].  

Geoffrey Senogles has been recognised in Who's Who Legal since its start, and now also as a Thought Leader since 2017.  He has regularly been invited to speak at legal conferences internationally and has taught lawyers on LL.M. programmes in Switzerland since 2009/10.  

Claim advisory consultants

 We are engaged by law firms and third-party funders to advise on claim evidence and methodologies.  On such mandates, we do not act as independent expert witnesses but rather, we advise.  We bring our relevant experience to the table - in effect, as part of the legal team.  Our work in this type of assignment is designed to be highly cost effective.  We have recognised that in many instances, the engagement of expert witnesses is not felt to be efficient whereas a limited scope intervention by an experienced adviser focusing on identifying the sufficient, relevant and reliable evidence is extremely valuable in making a claim more robust - and thus, cost effective.          

Law firms and third-party funders draw upon our knowledge and our teamwork in order to add strength to their clients' quantum claims.  Our advice is best sought early in a claim process - when we can make maximum impact.

We are available to discuss, at no cost and without the need to disclose parties' names, how we could help by advising you and your clients.  Please contact Geoffrey Senogles by email on geoff@senogles.com or by phone at our Nyon office.

Sports disputes

We have insight and experience of sports disputes; having been engaged on disputes at TAS/CAS Lausanne of behalf of sports federations and clubs. 

Over the course of many years, our partner Steve Brookfield has managed professional sports clubs (football and basketball) and so knows the inside of a professional club's finances, challenges and operating issues.   This experience and insight has proved invaluable during our expert witness work, when we are acting  for a client in a sports financial dispute. 

We have a unique blend of experience - of testifying on financial matters in international legal proceedings on multiple occasions - and of running professional sports clubs.  We also still play the games!