Since 2009, Geoffrey Senogles has taught Financial Damages on LL.M programmes in Swiss universities.

  1. University of Geneva | Graduate Institute
    LL.M Master in International Dispute Settlement
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  2. Université de Fribourg
    Masters programme, Faculty of Law


We are regularly asked by law firms to present workshops and seminars to their specialist practice groups.  Topics covered often include:

  • Financial damages
  • Accounting principles
  • The role of the expert witness                                                                   

These onsite workshops typically turn into engaging group discussions, deliberately facilitated as a safe and open environment, in which senior and junior colleagues can develop their knowledge and explore subjects that their caseloads require them to deal with day to day, but in which they have had no professional formation - i.e. finance, damages and accounting.

We have also delivered seminars at the Swiss Arbitration Academy and Africa International Legal Awareness.  We have also led anti-fraud training and finance workshops for NGO clients.

We have recently been asked to increase our training load by taking a lead role on Executive Education programmes offered to practitioners by the Geneva-based Centre for International Dispute Settlement.
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